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Eyelid correction (blepharoplasty)

Dr. med. Nadezhda CvetkovaThe eyelid skin is particularly delicate and sensitive, therefore aging processes can be observed particularly early. Droopy eyelids or bags under the eyes make the face look pre-aged and tired. The extent of the relaxation of the eyelid skin is not only dependent on age, but also on individual skin conditions. As a side effect, the frequent feeling of pressure and heaviness is perceived by the upper eyelid. After an eyelid correction, the firmer eyelid skin can be set more precisely, a visual field restriction due to sagging skin can be alleviated and the face looks fresher.

In order to achieve this goal, the excess skin, the above fatty tissue and also excess muscle tissue are removed. For this, the cuts are made so that they run parallel to the lid edges and are hidden in the skin folds. The edges of the wound are stitched microsurgically so that no scars are visible when the eye is open. The incision is marked before anesthesia. An upper eyelid lift is usually performed under local anesthesia in twilight sleep (sedation). The correction of the upper eyelids takes about 60 minutes. The costs depend on the type and scope of the intervention. We will be happy to prepare a cost estimate for you after an examination in practice.