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More and more patients are realizing that anti-aging creams do not have the promised effect. The application of the anti-wrinkle cream only causes a short-term swelling of the top skin layer and its possible moisturization. The depth of penetration is always limited and the moisture evaporates so quickly that the wrinkle reduction lasting is not guaranteed. You can achieve a sustainable, effective smoothing of wrinkles only by professional injection with botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid in sufficient quantity and ideal depth. It is the best alternative to non-surgical wrinkle therapy. To reduce the pain during the injection, we use a medical anesthetic gel, In addition or alternatively, each region can be completely anesthetized for 1-2 hours with a few targeted injections if desired. In addition to the initial findings, the effort involved in an intervention is also dependent on the patient’s individual requirements, which is why prices are only used as a guide or as a basis for estimating costs.


Wrinkle smoothing takes place indirectly by immobilizing an unwanted muscle. A few highly effective drops of the highly diluted solution are precisely injected into the muscle to be treated using a very fine cannula. The necessary injections of botulinum toxin A into the problem areas are almost painless. The medical determination of dosage and rhythm of injections takes place individually and corresponds to the medical indication. To avoid resistance, the injection rhythm should not be less than 12 weeks for medical reasons. The first successes can be seen within 10 days. The skin becomes smoother, lines and wrinkles disappear. The facial impression remains natural, because a rest of facial expressions remains. The full effect is usually achieved after 14 days and lasts an average of 5 months. Wrinkle immobilization with muscle reluctance can be repeated as often as required without problems and can be easily combined with wrinkle filling using hyaluronic acid.


This wrinkle injection is an alternative to surgical wrinkle removal. Hyaluronic acid is injected under the wrinkles for filling or to increase volume, for example to emphasize the cheekbones. Hyaluronic acid is contained in the connective tissue as a natural substance in the body and has the task of storing water. Hyaluronic acid gives the skin its volume and thus its vital and smooth appearance. However, the skin is subject to a constant aging process. With time the natural hyaluronic acid content is reduced, the connective tissue fibers are reduced and lose elasticity. The result: the skin becomes old, wrinkled and loses more and more elasticity. Injection of hyaluronic acid repairs the skin’s water tank. An allergic reaction to the injection is very unlikely. We use specially cross-linked hyaluronic acids in gel form, which are very well tolerated and are produced by premium manufacturers. The injections are made with a very fine needle and are easily tolerated. As a rule, the application of an anesthetic cream is completely sufficient. If desired, a complete local anesthetic can be given for the treatment.