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Your eyes and well-being are important to us. So that you feel safe and in good hands with us at all times, you will get to know your surgeon personally before each operation.

Our ophthalmologists are active national and international speakers (key opinion leaders) and will treat you with the latest state of the art.

We look forward to meeting you in the following languages: German, English, Polish, Bulgarian, Spanish, Croatian, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Macedonian & Greek.

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Cataracts and Premium Lenses:

Cataracts represent the increasing cloudiness and hardening of the eye’s lens. Affected people usually notice that something has changed due to a higher sensitivity to light and a deterioration in visual performance. Fortunately, the vision loss that has already occurred can be reversed with surgery.

In cataract surgery, the cloudy eye lens is replaced by an artificial lens. With this procedure you have the possibility to choose between different artificial intraocular lenses (IOL). There are, for example, toric lenses to compensate for corneal astigmatism, multifocal lenses for extensive independence from glasses after the operation, special lenses for macular patients and much more.

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Our doctors

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Janusz Koss, FEBO

Prof. Koss has been dealing with individualized or personalized IVOM treatment for retinal diseases such as dry and wet AMD for years. His surgical focus is on minmal invasive cataract surgery, especially the Nanopuls laser treatment, mini-invasive glaucoma and retinal surgery.

Dr. med. Mounira Jeanine Dridi

Dr. med. Franz Reiter

Dr. med. univ. Gregor Kastl

Dr. med. Nadezhda Cvetkova

Dr. med. Marie Isabel Schaller

Dr. Venhofen

Dr. med. Aurora Ortiz Arandes

Dr. Nahla Sobhy

Dr. Maram Albukhari

Mr. Schmelzeisen

Dr. med. Quynh-Trang Ippisch

Augenarzt Prof. Dr. med. Michael Janusz Koss, München
Augenärztin Dr. med. Mounira Jeanine Dridi, München
Augenarzt Dr. med. Franz Reiter
Augenarzt Dr. med. univ. Gregor Kastl, München
Dr. med. Nadezhda Cvetkova
Augenärztin Dr. med. Marie Isabel Schaller, München
Dr. med. Aurora Ortiz Arandes
Dr. Nahla Sobhy
Dr. Maram Albukhari
Dr. Christoph Schmelzeisen
Dr. med. Quynh-Trang Ippisch


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